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Welcome, Mrs. D!

Jay Gardner

Dec 11, 2023

A new loctician joining Mosaic and Southside's first professional

We are super to excited to welcome, Mrs. D, to the Mosaic family. Mrs. D is a loctician focusing on microlocs and braids. She is also Mosaic's first professional to join the new Southside location. Additionally, she is feartured on our new Mosaic Service Tile for microlocs.

Mrs. D joining Mosaic is especially neat for two reaons. First, Mrs. D, like many who have joined Mosaic before, is taking advantage of Mosaic's mission to be a launchpad for professionals to create their own business. In speaking with her, it is easy to see not only is she a hard worker but also has vision, belief and passion to create her own business. We are certainly looking forward to watching her busienss unfold and grow. The second reason is that she was also a client of a professional at our Old Kings Road location and, therefore, already had a tie with Mosaic.

Welcome, Mrs. D, we are excited to journey together with you!

Jay Gardner

Mosaic Tile for Mrs. D

Mosaic Service Tile for Microlocs

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